Enghien Les Bains

In Enghien Les Bains, we would occasionally go to the lake where many small boats were moored to the docks. I remember one time when my brother Charles and a few other boys were jumping from boat to boat. Like a typical younger brother I tried to do the same, unfortunately one of the boats moved slightly and I fell into the lake which was rather deep and I could not swim at that time ( I still can’t). If it had not been for my dear late cousin Marie, I would have certainly perished. She pulled me back out of the water by my hair, as of course I had more hair then than I have now.

I was dripping wet and walked all the way back to my parents apartment where my mother seeing me in such a state, told me to take off all my wet clothes, and sent we to bed for being such a “polisson” (mischievous).

But we had some wonderful times in Enghien Les Bains. There were other Bukharian families with whom we did not mix much, but my parents knew them all.

We eventually moved to Rue de St. Leu. All of these homes were rented. Unfortunately we did not stay very long and from Rue St. Leu, my parents moved to Champigny where my father opened a fruit & vegetable shop.




Our landlord in Champigny was Mr. Orage and we used to play with his grandson. We stayed in Champigny for two or three years. A friend of mine in Champigny was Robert Dorge. His parents owned a mattress and furniture shop and manufactured everything on the premises. The Dorge’s were wonderful people. During the week, Mr. Dorge allowed Robert to invite me over almost everyday to help Robert with his homework. I was the only person his father would allow to come home with him. Robert’s mother and aunt would spoil us with delicious treats, like chocolate milk and bread and butter. We used to play with other friends in the neighbourhood and I usually stayed from 4:30 until 6 o’clock at Robert’s home and then would head for home.

The Dorge’s were not only wonderful to me, but also to my father. They always came and shopped in my fathers shop, regardless of the prices, which were occasionally more expensive than the nearby supermarket. They were the most important clients in that shop. The shop was in La Rue Jean Jaures and we lived in the apartment just behind the shop. We were very friendly with the person who owned the entire building, whose name was Madame Perret and her grandson, Francois.

 The Loving Mother:

Dora Mammon and her four sons. Charles (top left), Albert (bottom left), Michel (top right), and Joseph (bottom right).

Venezuela Caracas:

Pictured here on the left is Pinchas, sitting is Eliyahu, and on the right is Shmuel


The wedding of Brouha (Berthe) Mammon and Leon Supusu in Paris: 

On the bottom right is Joseph‘s brother Michel and on the second row standing is Joseph. Joseph’s baby brother is sitting on his grandfather Binyamin Katan. The fifth person on the third row is mother Dora Mammon. The first child sitting on the left is Joseph’s brother Charles.


Madame Perret’s son-in-law and daughter had a jewelry shop next door to my father’s shop. The shop was quite an enigma, as the entire building was a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine his mistress. As youngsters, we used to make some discoveries as there were underground tunnels which apparently spanned about 100 metres.

Another friend who was probably my closest was Jean Gorce. He had a beautiful home. I believe his father was in the jewelry business. The reason I think that, is because we were scheduled to have student elections amongst all of the 42 pupils in the class and just before the election Jean bought a pearl necklace for the teacher. I did not know the reason why, but in lieu of the upcoming election, it is possible that he tried to influence the teacher with a gift.

Picture of Michel taken at the time of his Barmitzvah
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