The Mammon's In Berlin

My parents and their only son, Mashiach (Michel) who was born in Khokand on August 15th 1920, decided to leave Khokand by train, which was the only form of transportation available. The journey was long and arduous and they eventually arrived in Berlin, Germany. This was only a few years after the end of World War I and things in Germany were very difficult. Shortly after their arrival in Berlin, my mother gave birth to another child on January 31st 1923, whom they named Shalom (Charles)

The Mammon’s In Berlin

This photo represents, from left to right: Dora (pregnant with Charles), Pinchas, Benyamin Katan, Michel  and Rivka Mammon


The Extended Mammon Family In Berlin 1923:

Top row from left to right: Penina, Pinchas, Natanel and Rafael Mammon.  Bottom row from left to right are cousins, Aron, Bachmal and Rachamim with baby Alta Mary


While living in Berlin for two years, my fathers mother Rivka was diagnosed with cancer and she insisted that her husband Benyamin Katan take her to Eretz Israel, as she wanted to die there. So my grandparents ventured to Eretz Israel and my parents eventually decided to join them after Charles was born. The rest of the family carried on their journey to France, where some relations were already living.

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