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My brother Charles eventually left the factory after he managed to get a job with my uncle, Rachamin, in the jewelry business. But I remained in the factory since I could not leave without proof of another job offer. I wrote to the Ministry of Work in my broken English, explaining to them that I had come to England with the intention of joining the army, but I could not in lieu of my grade three rating. I explained further that I was intent on improving my English, but that was impossible since most of the people I was working with has less of a command of the language than me. They replied to my letter and told me they would allow me to leave this job.

In the mean time, my uncle received word from one of his friends that he knew someone in the fruit and vegetable business who could give me a job. So I had a meeting with this gentleman, who was a very nice man. He was Israeli born, but British, and he had a very large wholesale business. He used to supply hotels, schools, hospitals, Bank Of England etc. I joined his firm in Spitalfield Market in the East End of London. This was in 1945 or the beggining of 1946. The market was not far from Bishops Gate and Commercial Road.

At first he gave me orders over the telephone. He had about twelve telephone lines and after 1:00pm, the phones rang non stop. His business was bustling.

After working with him for about two years, and having improved my English, I decided there may be more opportunities for me to work in the business my brother Charles was involved in.

It was around this time that I had the terrible misfortune of being involved in a car accident. I had gotten a lift in someones car that flipped over, and the car landed on the passenger side where I was sitting. The driver got out with barely a scratch, but I was in a coma for a few days. But with God behind me, I was given a second chance and pulled through. After the car accident, I left the wholesale fruit & vegetable business and joined my brother.

In 1949/50, I started to work in partnership with my brother Charles in the silver / antique business. We were very ambitious and worked hard, day and night. We were determined to make a good life for our families.

At first, we started in a tiny room in ‘The London Silver Vaults’, Chancery Lane in Holborn. We were on the road most of the time and my father Pinchas came every day to help us. Over the years, we managed to build many connections and our business grew. We eventually went on to rent another room in the same building.

Alongside this success in business, my personal life began to flourish. In 1956, I made my second visit to Israel, where I met and fell in love with a beautiful girl from Jerusalem named Shoshana. At the time we were courting, Israel had launched the Sinai Campaign, so the country was on high alert. Our relationship began in October 1956 and we were married on February 26, 1957 at the Gil Hall on Gordon Street. It was a beautiful wedding. My mother came from London to celebrate with us, as did all of Shoshana’s relatives and some members of the Yegoudaeff’s, my mothers family, who lived in Israel.

Happily Engaged:

Joseph & Shoshana were engaged in Israel in 1956

Wedding Day:

Joseph & Shoshana were married in Israel, February 26, 1957

Wedding Kettubah Of Shoshana & Joseph


I brought my new bride to England, where we soon moved into a house I bought at 2, North Circular Road, and started a family. I was very busy building my business at this time. I left at dawn and did not return until late at night. My wife Shoshana raised the three children well and kept a warm house. We were involved in the synagogue and other various organizations. In the summer, we would take family vacations. Traveling by car we went to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Holland and of course our beloved country, Eretz Israel (by airplane).

The Mammon Boys:

Michael, Anthony and Laurence 


The Next Generation:

Always a loving and devoted father, Joseph spent many summers with his three boys and wife, traveling across Europe. These pictures were both taken in Italy in 1969

Later on Shoshana and I travelled to United States several times. I thank God that we had this opportunity and my best memory was when I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, In 1978.

Shoshana and I also traveled back to France and visited all of the places I had grown up in before, during and after the war. Visiting my schools, synagogues, homes, villages etc. was very emotional and I felt tears and joy.

Strong Love:

The love that Joseph & Shoshana have for one another has been instrumental to their strong marriage.

In 1972, I went out on my own in business. I was in the antique business for 48 years. I worked very hard and enjoyed every minute of it. Along the way I met many people from different walks of life. I retired when I was 75 years old.

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